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Improve cash flow, increase reimbursement rate, and maximize growth with right-sized (and affordable!) expertise in home healthcare billing. The experts in our Home Health Department help keep you compliant while reducing staff time and improving financial stability.

Onboarding is easy, and we offer unparalleled customer service and hassle-free billing to small-mid-size Midwest companies. PLUS: you’ll never contact a call center. Instead, you will work with highly specialized, medical billing specialists – all at an affordable price. With 30 years of experience helping small businesses thrive – we alleviate tension and grow profits.

Let us seamlessly handle the billing, and you and your staff can focus on quality care for clients. Contact us today!

Ohio-owned and operated, you will never contact a call center – only our expert consultants.

Meet Salim: Progressive Healthcare Solutions CEO

Salim Khalife, our CEO, built his career in long-term care pharmacy, experiencing firsthand the unique challenges and rewards of running a small business. Recognizing the distinct needs of independent home healthcare providers compared to larger corporations, Salim created Progressive Healthcare Solutions. Our mission is to empower independent home healthcare businesses to thrive. We reduce staff time spent on billing, improve claim accuracy to minimize denials, and provide real-time access to information.

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  • Business Growth
  • Compliance
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency


  • Staff time
  • Stress
  • Unpaid claims
  • Money left on the table


  • Revenue cycle management
  • Cash flow
  • Streamlined processes

Progressive Healthcare Solutions supported and assisted us every step of the way in meeting our unique homecare challenges. They successfully integrated multiple processes to streamline payer payment portals, and they efficiently implemented a weekly billing system, enabling us to maximize cash flow

Jinji Yue, CEOCaregiver USA

Accurate, modern home healthcare billing resolves cash flow, rejected claims, and revenue cycle management issues. We’re in the business of solutions…(it’s even in our name!) Contact us today for hassle-free billing and right-sized support.

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Growing your profits without sacrificing care.


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