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Buying a pharmacy can include many complex steps, but don’t worry! Our pharmacy consultants will guide you through due diligence, financials, inventory, and creating a robust business plan.

As a founding partner of a Long-Term-Care pharmacy, our CEO, Salim Khalife, has the experience, leadership, and proven tools and tactics to guide our premier pharmacy consulting firm.  Located in Columbus, Ohio, we offer pharmacy consulting in Ohio and across the nation.

You will maximize your bottom line, reduce your overhead, and increase cash flow.

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Due Diligence

Due diligence, is the ‘homework’ of buying a pharmacy. You’ll have to answer questions such as

  • What is the value of the pharmacy?
  • Am I able to finance the purchase of the pharmacy?
  • How much inventory should I carry?
  • What amount of cash do I need to have on day one to cover my operating expenses?
  • Which pharmacy class of trade should I seek?

Pharmacy Business Plan

A comprehensive and detailed pharmacy business plan will not only answer the above questions but it will also address other very important issues.

Market Conditions

To buy a pharmacy, one of the most important things to consider is if the market conditions are favorable to your success. The prospective buyer must ascertain the level of competition in the targeted service area, barriers to entry, current, and future reimbursement levels, overall economic outlook, and current and proposed governmental regulations.

Financial Plan

Completing a three-year Pro-forma financial statement is a key element in obtaining financing and/or investors when seeking to buy a pharmacy.


Determining and validating the assumptions used in the buyer’s business plan are essential to laying the foundation for a successful enterprise when you buy a pharmacy.

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