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We offer Ambulatory Pharmacy Consulting – Ambulatory Pharmacies help hospitals achieve better patient care and reduce the re-admission rate, especially during the first thirty days after discharge.

Additional hospital revenue can also be generated through ambulatory pharmacies by expanding services to employees, volunteers, outpatients, discharged patients, and the community.

As a founding partner of a pharmacy, our CEO, Salim Khalife, has 30 years of experience and has proven tools and tactics to guide our premier consulting firm.  Located in Columbus, Ohio, we offer consulting in Ohio and across the nation.

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Let’s grow your profits without sacrificing care, together.

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Traditionally, an ambulatory pharmacy functioned more as a “cost center”. However, in today’s healthcare environment the purpose of the ambulatory pharmacy has shifted to that of a value-added proposition, which is generating needed revenue for the healthcare system and functioning as an integral part of the system’s continuum of care initiatives.

The experts at Progressive Healthcare Solutions (PHS) will help you optimize your existing ambulatory pharmacy or build a new pharmacy. By doing so, the healthcare system will not only increase revenue but will also increase patient satisfaction, which will in turn improve the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, (HCAHPS), score.

The experts at PHS will also work with the leadership of both the pharmacy and the healthcare system to identify areas to increase the profitability of the ambulatory pharmacy through purchasing and inventory control opportunities in areas such as own-use, 340B, and GPO maximization.

Additionally, PHS’s clinical solutions division will work with the ambulatory pharmacy to implement clinical programs designed to increase revenue as well as improve outcomes, through therapeutic education and increasing medication compliance and adherence.

To learn more about PHS’s ambulatory pharmacy program please call us at (800) 996-0975 or fill out the contact form.

Ambulatory Pharmacy Consulting
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Let’s maximize profits and improve care, together.


Growing your profits without sacrificing care.


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