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As a founder of a long-term care pharmacy, our CEO, Salim Khalife, understands the benefits and challenges of owning a business. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Progressive Healthcare Solutions’ mission is to help doctors/owners, and smaller practices, thrive.

Reduce staff time, improve accuracy, and minimize rejected claims, with real-time access and unbeatable customer service.

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Medical Billing Services

We offer modern, affordable medical billing services, with an emphasis on customer service. We achieve these results by:

  • Efficient and effective medical billing and coding
  • Accurate billing process to increase revenue
  • Ensure on-time billing to increase cash flow
  • Reduce rejection and denial rates
  • Real-time access
  • Real-time reporting

Did you know 80% of medical bills contain errors?
Our comprehensive medical billing services can help catch errors and maximize your revenue.

Pharmacy Consulting

We also offer innovative pharmacy solutions to increase your bottom line by analyzing pharmacy cash flow, pricing benchmarks, and creating key metrics dashboards to continuously monitor your pharmacy’s financial outcomes. Other services in pharmacy consulting include:

  • Pharmacy Automation
  • Policy & Procedures Development
  • Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Clinical Solutions

Your Business. Your Future

Your premier medical billing company.

  • We’ll help reduce denied or rejected claims
  • We’ll minimize the impact of Medical insurance or Medicare audits
  • We’ll identify opportunities to increase profit margins
  • We’ll help uncover operational bottlenecks costing you time and money
  • We’ll help build a plan to increase cash flow

Customized, affordable medical billing services and pharmacy consulting.


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